Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Locus of Control

It has been a long time I wrote about what is going on within, my obsession for passing time. Some of you may even call it an OCD.
Today morning I was asking my wife, who by now is used to this OCD, how much responsible am I for the status of some of the close ones. Obvious question was how does this question arose?
My rationale was in the psychological concept of “Locus of Control”. I believe, and now as I read through some articles, I am not abnormal, that “I am responsible for what happens to me and to my near and dear ones”. Psychologists would describe this as Internal Locus of Control.
As the environment around us changes, we can either attribute success and failure to things we have control over, or to forces outside our influence. Which orientation one chooses has a bearing on one’s long-term success.
This orientation is known as our "Locus of Control". Its study dates back to the 1960s, with Julian Rotter's investigation into how people's behaviors and attitudes affected the outcomes of their lives. This produces a continuum with external control at one end and internal control at the other.
Now there is nothing wrong in perceiving one way or the other, like it is true for all concepts related to behavior and psychology. There are certain advantages which individuals with Internal Locus of Control derive, most of the time. Some of them being drive for achievement, working hard to develop competencies being inquisitive, and trying  to figure out why things turned out the way they did.
There are associated disadvantages. Such people are viewed as arrogant, over powering, some one who is better left alone. Such people may also find them selves as being respected more than loved.
And I wondered is this true for me also?? Do I not behave in a manner one with Internal Locus of Control behaves? Do I not get the treatment one with Internal Locus of Control receives?
And as for the conclusion "I am not abnormal", the end-note to an article on the subject reads "As people grow older they tend towards a more internal locus of control. This comes from the increased ability to influence things going on in their lives and the realization that much of what happens to them is a result of what they do."
The dilemma is how do I overcome the disadvantages associated with being one with Internal Locus of Control? And that is where I need help from those for whom I believe I am responsible.

Comments as usual are welcome. Critique althemore.

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  1. Quite a coincidence...i have been having similar discussions with my sister of how we fear losing control or does the control that we exercise bring in fear in the minds of the recipients.
    well i did get a reply in something i read not fear losing control as you have none.